Osaka is not the only diners’ paradise in Japan.
Where there are people, there is always good food. The wonderful cuisine culture of Asakusa has attracted many gastronomers by constantly blending the best of new styles into its traditional Japanese cooking. Asakusa has eateries offering a wide range of foods where not only delicious Japanese cuisine, but also wonderfully tempting Western, Chinese and ethnic varieties to please every taste can be found. Listed below are just a few of the well-known restaurants in the Asakusa area.

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Restaurants are listed in Japanese syllabary order.

マップ will direct you to a map of the area in which the restaurant is located.
ランチ are also open during lunch hours.

Phone Number [Opening hours] [Closed]
1-21-5 Asakusa
03-5828-0548 [Opening hours]10:00~20:00 [Closed]Open 365 days a year
This is a branch of the famous Mangando main store in Azuma-Bashi, on the other side of the Sumida river from Asakusa. The specialty Imokin (sweet potato cake) has been loved by everyone, the Oiran of old Yoshiwara, geisha and the masters of traditional arts, throughout the ages.
This recently-opened Asakusa branch is popular with visitors to the Sensoji temple for its easy access. The shop offers sample Imokin. It’s not too sweet and very popular even with men. Buy a piping hot slice to take home or to eat on your stroll around Asakusa, either way is a great way to enjoy this delicious treat. This branch also sells baked sweet potato-flavored soft serve ice cream with sweet potato crepe, an Asakusa branch original.
マップ ランチ
3-32-4 Asakusa
03-3874-0600 [Opening hours]11:30~21:30 [Closed]Wednesdays / Every other Tuesdays
A popular restaurant specializing in Kama-meshi (cooked rice in a small pot with seasonal ingredients). Neighborhood regulars and tourists alike enjoy delicious dishes in a casual homelike atmosphere. Main selections are priced from 1,080yen. Kama-meshi with sea urchin is a Mutsumi favorite.
Cafe Meursault
マップ ランチ
Cafe Meursault
2-1-5 Kaminarimon
03-3843-8008 [Opening hours]Weekdays 11:00~23:30 (L.O. 23:00)
Saturdays・Sundays・Natural holidays 11:00~22:00 (L.O. 21:00)
[Closed]Open 365 days a year
Enjoy a slice of Cafe Meursault cake topped with seasonal fruit, and a nice view at this stylish cafe along the Sumida River. Cafe Meursault is the perfect place for a special occasion or a casual get together. Special birthday cakes are available through advanced reservation.
4-6-8 Asakusa
03-3871-1589 [Opening hours]Weekdays 18:30~1:00
Sundays・National holidays 18:30~23:00
[Closed]Closed on the 4th Mondays of the month
Mogamiya has offered fresh fish cuisine since it opened on Fuji Street 20 years ago. Because the owner wants his customers to have a good time without worrying about their wallets, Mogamiya makes sure you get generous servings at reasonable prices. Select and enjoy delicious dishes from among more than 100 items. Mogamiya’s menu changes along with the seasons.
? [Opening hours]?
日・祭 18:30~23:00
He walks "Asakusa Yaki" (5 thousand yen entered in a thousand yen) with a balance pole.
So, let's buy it when you meet! "Asakusaki Yaki" is kneading Yomogi in an. It is wrapped in soft cake.
Look for the older brother of CYONMAGE(wig)!
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